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New Album Coming Soon

Morning All….
This email is PACKED with so many goodies, I’ve been chomping at the bit to share all of this with you!

First on our list, today is the day for the official “Squint” music video release! Many thanks go to We/Machines for bringing this to life.

To commemorate the release, we’ve printed 100 limited edition posters!

Head to the store to pick one up! Thanks go out to Stereotonic for designing this bad boy. And Allen Clark for the photograph.

To cap off the video festivities, I’m unleashing an incredible version of “Squint” —>
“Squint – JT Daly Remix” remixed by Maestro Daly himself. I feel like this rendition belongs in the next Marvel Comics SuperHero trilogy (maybe that’s wishful thinking coming out)… Listen and purchase here!

In other news, I recently did a feature with Brite Revolution to perform and film the song “Welspryng”. On a warm afternoon a few Fridays past, we stepped into Quad Studios to capture the song. It was a lovely setting and a lot of fun to make! See the footage here.

In conjunction with the feature, “Rumble” & “Ink Slinger” are available for a FREE download here. Get it while the gettin’s good!

For more audio magic, be sure to check out the Daytrotter session I recently recorded with the fellas back in Iowa a few months ago. Listen to all four songs here.

On a closing note, I’m getting ready to beat the streets soon – heading out on Saturday for a slew of east coast dates supporting Jars of Clay. So excited about this!

And don’t forget Lollapalooza is just around the bend! Cannot wait for this one!!!
During the day of my show, I’ll be hanging out at the FYE Tent to sign posters & albums and just general good hanging times. Come say hello :)

Remember, keep your ears to the ground and… your nose… to… the grindstone, I suppose.


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