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Remix #3!

Pennies & Youth (Bad Boxes Remix)
The third remix from the Sweven LP is out TODAY!

Many thanks to the extremely talented Bad Boxes based out of beautiful Pittsburgh, PA for doing this one. 

I love how his spin on the song took it from a folk, story-driven guitar number to a dyno-dancey-vibe that puts layers of ear candy into a beat that I can drive to, fast.


You can purchase the "Pennies & Youth (Bad Boxes Remix)" at the following retailers, or stream on Spotify:




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Lots more coming your way!

xx - B

Widow Maker (A Nice Afternoon Remix)

Welcome to the second remix from the Sweven LP!

The London-based Pier Danio Forni, aka A Nice Afternoon (, put a whole new spin on Widow Maker ( It's a beautiful fusion of jazz, rock n' roll, and electronic elements culminating into a heady trip that takes on a tri-figured character all of its own. This was a unique construction of a remix in that everything is analog, no added samples, utilizing the talents of live players:

Drums: Jaleesa Gemerts 

Alto Sax: Aiman Imran 

Live sounds engineered by Pier Danio Forni/Bendik Markovic Toming

You can purchase the "Widow Maker (A Nice Afternoon Remix)" at the following retailers, or stream on Spotify -

iTunes -

Bandcamp -

Amazon -

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Stay tuned for more!

xx - B