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Sweven Remixes

SWEVEN REMIXES album is officially OUT!!


Contains all 6 remixes previously released + 2 bonus tracks from Flibbity Flu and Marcioz. 
Album is $3.99 at iTunes - appreciate your support in this project! And, it's also available on Spotify, Amazon, & Google Play.


Happy March, all!

Widow Maker (A Nice Afternoon Remix)

Welcome to the second remix from the Sweven LP!

The London-based Pier Danio Forni, aka A Nice Afternoon (, put a whole new spin on Widow Maker ( It's a beautiful fusion of jazz, rock n' roll, and electronic elements culminating into a heady trip that takes on a tri-figured character all of its own. This was a unique construction of a remix in that everything is analog, no added samples, utilizing the talents of live players:

Drums: Jaleesa Gemerts 

Alto Sax: Aiman Imran 

Live sounds engineered by Pier Danio Forni/Bendik Markovic Toming

You can purchase the "Widow Maker (A Nice Afternoon Remix)" at the following retailers, or stream on Spotify -

iTunes -

Bandcamp -

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Stay tuned for more!

xx - B